Welcome to my new home!

Greetings fellow crafters, old and new. I’ve made the leap from another blog service to WordPress, and hopefully my artist friends will take the time to come over here and continue to follow my creative escapades.

My first encounter with the World Wide Web happened years ago, basically right after the birth of ‘the beast’. Working as a graphic designer for over 20 years has kept my fingers on the old keyboard since I’ve been out of school.

Some things about the Internet have changed drastically, but I find that one of the constants is that we still enjoy reaching out to our fellow humans…even when it’s through ‘the box’. When I first began chatting online, many moons ago, we weren’t specifically blogging, but rather having conversation in an effort to simply get to know one another. But, with the advent of blogging, it seems that now we can share common hobbies, careers and interactive activities. And, sharing creative crafting with like-minded friends is a very rewarding interchange. We learn, we teach and we exchange inspiration. And what is more exciting than stepping outside our own little craft rooms to take a peek at what our friends in other towns, states and even countries are doing? It truly is a small world after all!


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