NEW SEGMENT: Monthly “Fabulous Find”

Any of my crafting friends will tell you that I’ve long been a fan of Vickie Howell and her stint on the DIY channel’s “Knitty Gritty” show. I DVR’d every episode I could find for the splendid techniques that Vickie showcased. The camera work also was amazing, so easy to see and follow. It truly proved to be an educational program and I miss it dearly!

I have a couple of Ms. Howell’s excellent books (and her repertoire is growing), but never had the opportunity to pick up her very first…”New Knits on the Block”. Imagine my amazement when I was perusing a Dayton-area dollar store for odds and ends, recently, and came across this JEWEL on the shelves. Not to disparage Vickie by mentioning that I’d found it in a bargain bin, but as this month’s FABULOUS FIND it was hard not to brag about! I’m half elation, half aghast that such a great book was sitting on the shelves for ONE DOLLAR!

Mind you I am not myself a parent, nor do I get a lot of interaction with little ones but her books never let me down in the instructional department!  I DO have relatives and friends with children who will no doubt benefit from things like the “faux chain mail” suit of armor and the “cleopatra” style costume – gifts I am thinking that I will have to tackle. And, with great information such as how to needle felt and how to add stability to some knitted items, I can improve my skills for yet other projects to come!

Ms. Howell…you CAN feel good about the fact that with all the odd lots of other books sitting in heaps, I could not find ONE OTHER copy of the book. Sometimes I’ll pick up such things for my sister, who is also a knitter. They had been cleared out!  It seems I’m not the only one who knows a gem when I see one!

Also, check out Vickie’s latest books, “Aware Knits”, a socially conscious approach to knitting and crochet – and “Craft Corps”, conversations with 30 influential designers. Find out about Vickie’s books and other endeavors at her web site.


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