Winners Announced!

Winners were chosen by random drawing from Facebook Fan and Twitter entries. Thanks to all of our new friends and fans!  Please continue to stop by our blog and Etsy shop. We will have new crafts coming in the very near future!  Tutorials, interviews, product reviews, etc.!  Leave us a comment here or there, and share what you’re working on!


3 Responses to “Winners Announced!”

  1. I just received my runner up gifts from you, and I must say I am very excited first to have been chosen as one and second with the very sweet bag you made. The color green basket fabric with orange print is lovely. I will use it often. I too love bags of all sizes for different things, especially for travel. The bag is perfect size for a plane ride meal for both hubby and me. The two fabric pieces you sent are now looking for a new purpose; I think they will both become tissue pouches. The note cards and the bow maker are really going to come in handy. What a special surprise this package is. Carylanne

  2. stumptious Says:

    Thank YOU for stopping by the blog! There have been some personal family tragedies as of late, and we’ve had a rocky start here, but thank you for joining! Hope to see you back soon when there’s more happening, and there will be!

  3. stumptious Says:

    I don’t have this information on my web site, to my knowledge…where do you think it is?

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