So excited to be included in Craft Corps…

I was very excited to see my little bio come up on the Craft Corps web site!

About Craft Corps: “…staying connected with people (hobbiest or professional) who’re truly passionate about their craft inspires me on a daily basis. This community is something I value greatly and as a voice in the creative industry feel a responsibility to help nurture for you other crafty compadres out there. Enter Craft Corps.”  – Vickie Howell

About Vickie (from her web site): “Vickie is the best-selling author of several craft books: the 2005 Craft Trends Award Finalist, New Knits on the Block: A Guide to Knitting What Kids Really Want (Oct. ’05), Not Another Teen Knitting Book (June ’06), Knit Aid: A Learn It, Fix It, Finish It Guide for the Stitcher on the Go (May ’08), Pop Goes Crochet (May ’09) and, AwareKnits: Knit & Crochet Projects for the Eco-Conscious Stitcher (Oct. ’09), co-written with activist, Adrienne ArmstrongThe book behind Vickie’s community-driven project, Craft Corps hits shelves in May ’10.  Until then, she’s encouraging artists, crafters and creative types of all kinds to join “The Corps” by telling their stories through profiles on the Craft Corps page of this site.”

If you have yet to check out her site, and Craft Corps, please do so!  Share YOUR story!


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