Ribbon Bracelet Tutorial

The end of April marked a joyous family occasion for us. A cousin’s wedding. And, in preparation for the ceremony, we assisted her in looking for jewelry to accent the bride’s (and bridesmaid’s) dresses.

It would seem that, as of late, ribbon-accented jewelry is showing a big trend. When looking at baubles at some of the larger department stores we kept coming across very chunky, beaded necklaces and bracelets that showcased both satin and grosgrain ribbons.

This photo tutorial shows my own effort at accenting a pearl bracelet with ribbon. I used a heavy duty thread to assemble mine, but you could no doubt use jewelry wire or even elastics to string your own masterpiece.

Drop a line and share a link if you create your own. I’d love to see someone get super adventurous with their choice of ribbon/beads!


Beads (enough for your choice of bracelet or necklace in your desired length)
Ribbon (at least twice the length of your desired bauble)
Jewelry string, wire or elastic

Left, cut one end of your ribbon at an angle so that it will not fray so easy in the future.  Right, thread a needle and tie one end of your clasp on before inserting needle into the end of the ribbon leaving approximately 1/4″ of ribbon overhanging the point of entry.

Left, next add a bead on the needle and pull it up to meet the ribbon as shown in center panel.  Right, insert needle back into ribbon so that it wraps around one side of the bead.

Continue to alternate adding a bead or inserting needle into ribbon as shown, left. Weave the ribbon back and forth around right side of one bead, then left side of the next until you reach your desired necklace or bracelet length, trim the ribbon at an angle, and then attach the other end of your clasp. You should have a lovely piece of jewelry. If your supplies are not too expensive, you could even occasionally change things up by switching ribbons periodically.


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