May’s Monthly “Fabulous Find”

May’s Fabulous Find is not so much a great bargain as simply a great product find. It is a Plaid™ product – Mod Podge Dimensional Magic! I have seen other glazing products both on television and online, but they have been hard to locate in my area. Then I stumbled upon this great product in my local Hobby Lobby store with the clay products (Sculpey, etc.).

Used to glaze multiple mediums with a slightly dimensional texture, or to seal small items or pictures onto your surface, collage-style, Dimensional Magic is a very versatile product. You can use it in everything from jewelry-making to photography.  I purchased a pendant bezel with the goal of using the product to make a pendant with a photo sealed inside the frame. The packaging also shows another great idea. The glaze was used to add texture to a greeting card simply by applying it over select images on the card (in this case, small flowers).

Dimensional Magic is the consistency of water – very fluid – so you have to exercise care in using it. Also, directions indicate that you should NOT shake the product as it will cause air bubbles to form in your project.  Below, you can see a quick photo sampling of the super-easy steps involved in using the glaze.  A 2-oz. container would make several projects. It goes a long way! There is a small amount of shrinking as it dries, but you can add more later and it will re-dry very well!  Drying time is 24 – 48 hours. Try it out! You’ll have lots of fun.


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