A return to crafting…

Hello blog followers!  So sorry for my absence of recent months. It’s been a trying year (2010) for my endeavors. As many of you know, I have been a caregiver for a parent with Alzheimer’s for a few years now and though my Mother is now in a nursing facility, my stress and care for her are not ending.

There have been some bright moments, too. Take this bunny, from April 2010. Mom colored this, after doing no crafting/coloring for quite a long time. I was happy to see that she still has some of her creative talent!  We take what we can get, sometimes.

It was a little surprising to see that she didn’t approach the piece as a young child colors, but rather used a purple crayon to color in the animal’s shading/shadows. Amazing what our brains can lose and hold onto!

And, now that a new year is upon us, I will be working hard to getting back to my many projects. I hope that you will stop by frequently and look into what I have going on. Projects will include: Making quick fabric children’s books, Starting easy knitted shawls, Doll-making, and much more!


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