They say elephants never forget…

Greetings fellow crafters! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on to share my crafts and to blog about art/life/etc. Of course, as stated in my last post, it has been a long period of adjustment for me since moving from caregiver back into a so-called “more normal routine”. There was a dark little period where I seemed to fall into a crafter’s “block”, but I took some time to work on some creative projects that were drawn from patterns and tutorials which allowed me to keep my hands moving but didn’t stress me to be original all the time.

When, years ago, I found myself aggravated over not seeing growth in my drawing/painting, I decided to take the pressure off myself and say, “it doesn’t have to be great…if it’s a ‘dud’, you can simply do another,” and suddenly my art improved by leaps and bounds. And, this same method seems to have worked with my recent crafting block, for now I have several new and original ideas which will be shown in coming weeks!

I am showing off a couple of my new and bright Ele-friends! I made several from a Simplicity pattern just a few months ago. They’re very cheery! And, I love the stylized nature…that they are simplified with little facial detail, etc.

I stitched these little characters simply for the joy of it. Also, I plan to take some to my Mother at her Alzheimer’s care facility. There’s perhaps something about elephants and how they ‘never forget’ that appeal to me. Even if some of us are unfortunate enough to lose that ability, it doesn’t mean that friends and family can’t remember for us. Give your loved ones an extra hug today!

And, while thinking of sharing our love, find a way to reach out to our fellow humans suffering in multiple countries right now, including Japan and Libya, etc. If you can share monetarily, or only with prayers, do what you can. Giving always makes you feel better!




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