A Return to Blogging

After a long absence from my craft blog, I am finally ready to return to my creative outlets. As many of you know, I have been a caregiver for nearly ten years to a parent with Alzheimer’s Disease. My Mother passed away in May of 2012 and I have been in an odd transition since. I didn’t really anticipate that there had been grief that I wasn’t dealing with while I was dealing with so much. I miss her terribly, but I am also ready to live a better life.
So as a start, my family and I took a trip to sunny Florida (USA) the week before Christmas.

There was so much to see in the way of inspiration. Color and fantasy and – well, something other than the winter ‘grays’ we have had back here in Ohio!
One day we went to Cocoa Beach where the sky was just a tad pre’stormy’, but the pretty grass and dunes were soothing.

Far and away, my favorite part of the whole trip was the trip to Busch Gardens, in Tampa, because I was able to feed and pet a kangaroo! I had never seen one in person before, and they were just so amazing. Not unlike sheep, their coats seemed coarse from a visual standpoint but when you touched them it was so soft! I am an animal lover, but I don’t think I am biased. They were just lovely animals.

All of this visual stimulation, and unique moments spent in a fresh place, made me desire to get back to artistic endeavors. The timing couldn’t be better, too, as I am getting a craft room back! My sister, who had been staying with us temporarily, has moved out. My blogging over the next several weeks should share some details of setting up my new studio space!
Please join me going forward. I have new energy and new ideas to share.


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