Inspiration comes in a variety of places. I find it around my house, in my pets, the snowstorm of this morning’s commute. I find a lot of inspiration on television. PBS is a fave network. And, tonight’s INDEPENDENT LENS did not disappoint.


Artist Wayne White has been a favorite of mine since long before I knew his name. PeeWee’s Playhouse alone showcased his genius in set design and puppetry. But his strong typography painting skills are what really make me happy. I watched tonight’s Independent Lens documentary and was moved to work on my own typography project. I pulled out my iPad, with my iFontMaker App and created a TrueTypeface font!

You, dear readers, are welcome to check out my font by visiting URL:
And entering the following PIN: 6242

If you like it, feel free to download for free and use it!


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