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I was given an amazing opportunity this summer to give back to some causes that truly matter to me. And, one such organization is THE CURE STARTS NOW. To give you a little bit of the history of TCSN, I’ll share the following:

“Started in 2007 in tribute to a 6-year-old girl named Elena Desserich, The Cure Starts Now Foundation has revolutionized cancer research worldwide with its focus on a “homerun cure” for all cancers. The Cure Starts Now has funded over $3.6 million in pediatric brain cancer research. With over 25 chapters in 2 countries, The Cure Starts Now is making a difference in the fight against cancer.”

Please go to to read more about this wonderful organization, and what they are achieving!

I was excited to be asked to blog about some events that TCSN is involved in in August and September. First is the Beer, Wine, Food Festival in the Wyoming Village Green on August 28th and 29th. For any out-of-towners who may not know, Wyoming is a northern suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. I was able to promote a little on Facebook prior to the event, but as a late-to-the-party blogger, I could only really post after the fact. My hope and goal in promoting is that you will ALL get out to the event NEXT year because it was amazing fun! Various local distributors / breweries were able to bring an assorted mix of hard ciders, beers, and wine for tasting. Local restaurants and food trucks served BBQ, burgers, pastries, and more – one vendor even provided chocolate covered BACON (It’s actually very tasty!). In addition to the delicious samplings of food and libations, the event hosted artists creating fabulous sidewalk art done in chalk and pastels (Click on the photo at top for a larger view of an amazing group work where children were invited to pick up the chalk and design their own “tile” on the streetscape!). And, Graeter’s ice cream was on hand to pass out FREE ice-cream sandwich “Wheelies” to all children who attended.

I will be blogging about Graeter’s “Cones For The Cure” in September, which is the second event that I was invited to blog about. Tune in in the next few weeks for additional details on Cones For The Cure, which also benefits The Cure Starts Now. There will be opportunities to receive Cincinnati’s favorite ice cream while supporting this great cause!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be looking for details on other TCSN events at:

Plan to go to the Beer, Food, Wine festival in 2016!!!  And, keep checking back in the next couple of weeks for contests and other information related to “Cones For The Cure!”


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